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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring fever

I've been slacking lately- we got back from our trip mid-March, then my husband went to his mom's for a three-week visit. Last week of his trip, I got a horrible cold and it's still hanging on. I managed to do some creating while he was away, but didn't get it uploaded until today. Typical- he'll be home in about an hour, and I am doing stuff last minute.

While we were on our cruise, my third niece was born- Emily Catherine- I was trying to decide what to do for her, and came across this cute little stamp at Michaels in the 1.50 bin. I haven't really done a square card before, but it worked well for this one.

The paper is a lightly textured stripe, layered on a darker pink. The sentiment was an experiment- I had the perfect pink for it, but it was a copic marker. I coloured the stamped, huffed some breath on it and stamped it quickly. I was amazed that it worked. Now, to find something to send her and pop it in the mail.

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