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Monday, April 12, 2010


Life has been a little busy the last little while. My father in law passed away on April 3. My husband was visiting them, and had to catch a flight home on Saturday. He was on the ground for about 20 minutes when we got the call that Art passed away. We headed back to Ontario on Monday, and have been dealing with things for his mom since we've been here.
While my husband was in Ontario, I created some cards for his mom to give out when the time came. I am really pleased with how they turned out. The design is fairly basic, but it took me some time to figure out what I want to do. The card with the anchor on it is for the years he spent in the Canadian Navy. I downloaded the image from the Internet and cut it out. The layered cardstock gives it a little more dimension, and the embossing adds a little more flair.

It's been a very busy week for us, especially husband. I am looking forward to the trip home. We'll be taking it slowly, and will be doing some shopping (IKEA and Hobby Lobby, here I come!)

This is my favourite picture of my father in law. He had no idea I took it until I showed it to him after. It was taken at a surprise party for their 50th anniversary last summer. RIP Art. It was my honour to have you as my father in law. You will be missed.

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  1. What a sweet daughter-in-law you are and I bet Art felt the same way about you too. Sorry for your loss. Mary