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Monday, August 29, 2011

I'll be home for Christmas

This month's challenge for the Flourishes' Christmas Spirit Challenge at SCS is Song Inspired.

I have two favourite Christmas caroles- White Christmas (also my favourite Christmas movie ever), and I'll be home for Christmas. It is a hugely sentimental song for me.

Having close ties to the military- husband is recently former military, and I have two cousins who are in, and many friends who are military and military spouses. Also, I work for an organization that supports the military. I'll be home for Christmas has a whole new meaning when you are military- either having a loved one deployed, or even just moving to a new base, where you might not know a soul and don't always have family close by.

As it is posting season (military families moving to their new bases), I have been thinking a lot lately about family and how we make our own families no matter where we are. Some people are family by relation, and others are family members by choice. When you are in the military, or married to it, the friends you make are your family as well.

OK- phew- that got a little heavy there.

On to the card!!

This was not originally what I had intended for this stamp. It's from the Forest of Trees set. I stamped it in green chalk ink, added brads as the ornaments and then put the red paper on the side of the frame, added the panes and overlaid it on the tree. I really like this stamp set and can't wait to play with it more.

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