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Thursday, August 18, 2011

New stuff

Oh, how I love new toys! I have my eye on this Boss Kut die for quite some time, and last time I went to Scrapyard, it was mine.

As with most cards I make, there were lessons learned. I cut out two of for the flower and leaves. Then, I covered them with Versamark ink and Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE). I learned that UTEE is a wonderful tool. However, it goes EVERYWHERE, and I mean everywhere when you are heating it. I have little balls of melted plastic all over my work table. It also gets really hot. Fortunately the cooling time is relatively quick.
I layered the flower pieces on top of each other, punched and then used a brad to hold it all together.
I needed a piece of ribbon to add a little band of colour to the card. I didn't have any colour that I wanted to use, among my (approx) six kazillion rolls of ribbon, so I took wide white ribbon and coloured it with pine needle distress ink.
I dried it with my heat gun, but for some reason, it didn't dry right away. There was green ink everywhere. Next time, I'll let it dry over night. 
This card was incredibly quick and easy to make, and I love the results. I think it'll make it into the card rotation this year.

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